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Almost Everyone in Australia Has a Build-up of Rubbish in Their Homes

Accumulating a lot of rubbish is easy in modern Australian society! Every time you turn around it seems like you have another thing or object.

We buy something new but keep the old one “just in case”.

Now, at Discount Rubbish Removal we have said this before, but it is a psychological thing. We are in an age where there is always the very latest piece of high tech coming out and, of course, we want it. The latest HDTV with a gazillion-inch screen or whatever. A new air fryer. The latest Dyson. A new chest of drawers. You name it, we want it. So, of course, we buy it.

But here’s the thing. There was nothing wrong with the old one! It still works. So, what do we do? We don’t throw it out, because it still works, and it might come in handy at some time. Or that old chest of drawers? Auntie Jean might find that useful. I’ll ask her the next time I see her. I’ll just shove it in the back of the garage for now.

What happens? Auntie Jean says: “No thanks”. So now the chest of drawers sits in the dark at the back of the garage. But hey! I can chuck all those old fishing magazines in there because I may want to check back on something. Great. So, the chest of drawers gradually fills up with magazines, and one day you realize that it is full up! With magazines that date back ten years and that are basically just a pile of junk!

So It Goes On

And so, it goes on until one bright morning you realize that the garage is full, the loft is full, and you can’t get to the spade and fork at the back of the garden shed because that’s full of junk as well! It’s time to get rid of your rubbish!

But how? Where are you going to get rid of all this junk? You can’t just leave it out for the binmen. Well, if you want to get rid of your rubbish, it is time to call us at Discount Rubbish Removal. (The clue is in our name!). Rubbish removal is what we do. At a discount. That means cheap rubbish removal in Sydney is our “thing.”

Now, we are not the only rubbish removal service in Sydney, but when you want to get rid of your rubbish you don’t want to pay through the nose. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to pay anything at all, but unfortunately, we do have to eat, pay for fuel, service our trucks, and so on.

However, we are quick, friendly, and can get rid of your rubbish today. All of it! And at a discount. Call us for a free quote. If you are happy, we’ll take it away on the spot.

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