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“Rubbish” Is Mostly Stuff You Don’t Want, but the Word Can Also Mean Other Things

Rubbish! is one of those English words that means many things. It can mean trash or disposables. It can also be used in speech to mean you “disagree” with a person as in “that comment is just rubbish!” It could be something such as “the way the England team played in the Test Match was utter rubbish!” “Rubbish” can have different meanings including cheap rubbish removal in Sydney.

At Discount Rubbish Removal we are in no position to comment about the English cricket team. Nor can we take sides on what you think compared with what someone else thinks. That latter situation is something that can be called free speech, and apart from the woke minority, the law says that you can say whatever you wish, unless it is illegal!

But when it comes to rubbish! – the sort of things that you bought long ago, have fallen out of use, and now you just want to get rid of – then that’s what we do. And it is surprising in one sense as to just how much rubbish people acquire over the years. Very often it might be something that was brand new and the latest all singing, all dancing, computer that you bought in 1995. And at the time it was, because it was the latest technology.

Superseded By The Laptop

Unfortunately, that technology has now been superseded by the laptop, the tablet, and that little pocket computer that used to be called a phone. Actually, that’s another example. When mobile phones first came out, they were in a box the size of a couple of bricks that you had to carry about! And the only thing that you could do with them was make phone calls! But perfect if you were a salesman on the road and needed to call into the office every so often.

Then that morphed into something much smaller that could do more things. Today, it is literally a pocket computer that just happens to have a phone as one of its’ functions! That’s progress for you! All of those earlier phones are just – yep – rubbish! And if you still have one, you want to get rid of it because it is taking up space and is of no use because you will never use it again.

Furthermore, when you build up a lot of rubbish over the years, it’s just that – rubbish. So, you don’t want to pay someone a fortune to remove it. And that is why you need us at Discount Rubbish Removal as the cheapest rubbish removal service in Sydney.

We are quick, we are friendly, we are smart, and we will have your rubbish removed before you know it!

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