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We All Want to Be Frugal in These Hard Times, so Cheap Rubbish Removal Is a Must for Australian Residents

Times are hard in Australia when it comes to finances. Inflation is soaring, and to such an extent that it is now at 7.3% which is the highest level since 1990! That means that interest rates are high, and they are not coming down any time soon.  It pays to be frugal when inflation is soaringIndeed, they are going to climb higher before we get out of this mess, and that means higher mortgage rates for everyone buying their own home.

The costs for non-discretionary items rose at an annual pace of 8.4% in the September quarter – up from 7.6% in the June quarter – to what the ABS dubbed “a new high”. These are things that you can’t really avoid buying such as basic foods and fuel. Gas prices in the September quarter rose by 10.9%, and furniture also had a steep increase of 6.6%. Electricity prices are a major concern.

So, anything that you can do to save money has to be good. After all, we have Christmas coming up as well, and there are presents to buy and turkeys to stuff.

January Is When Many People Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Of course, January is the time when lots of people in Sydney, Melbourne, and other large cities in Australia decide to get rid of unwanted items. For instance, you might receive a new laptop or tablet as a gift. That’s lovely. But now, what do you do with the old one? Or, more likely, you received a laptop as a gift four years ago and kept the old one on the basis that it “might be useful some time”. It won’t of course, because it has been in the garage, and you haven’t touched it since!

Unfortunately, this is something that we all do, and what happens is that we gradually accumulate all sorts of items that eventually become rubbish. We can’t get anything more into the loft, and the car won’t fit in the garage! So ultimately comes the point where we decide that it is essential to get rid of all this rubbish, but how?

Well, what you need is us at Discount Rubbish Removal. Our name tells you what we do. Discount Rubbish Removal is not only our name but our business. CHEAP rubbish removal is another.

How about this? You decide that you want to get rid of it all and give us a call in the morning. We come to your home – or business – in the afternoon, and in the space of an hour or even less, guess what?

Yay! All that rubbish has gone, and you can get the car into the garage again! What could be better?

So, give us a call at Discount Rubbish Removal and let us get rid of it all for you.

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